RÅWKASS is a sound controlled multiplayer arcade game where you control a creature that can shoot laser beams out its mouth, and you do so by screaming into a microphone – the louder the scream, the bigger the beam.
It was featured at Roskilde Festival 2013, the biggest music and culture festival in Northern Europe.

The game is for four players, with each player positioned at their own side of the horizontal screen. Each player controls a little creature called a Nibble using a microphone and a knob. As the player shouts into his microphone, a laser beam shoots out of the Nibble’s mouth. The Nibbles walk endlessly, but the player can control the direction they walk in by turning his knob. Players get points by staying alive as well as killing other nibbles. The player with the most points when the round is over, wins.

Context: 4th semester university project

Finished: June, 2013

Time spent: 3 months, including research and report writing.

My areas:
– Laser beam code ( procedural mesh + damage system)
– Pure Data patch for measuring dB + reading it in Unity
– Rotary encoder soldering + Arduino code for checking rotation
– Path and logic code for NPC
– Animation code
– Join-screen code
– Transition trigger code between levels

Hardware used: 
– 4 dynamic microphones from König Electronics
– 2 Roland Quad-Capture analog-to-digital converters
– 1 Arduino Leonardo
– 4 ACE Absolute Contact Encoders with 128 states

Software used: Pure Data, Arduino, Unity, Maya, PhotoShop, Audacity


For each round, three different randomly chosen environments are played in. When played for a certain amount of time, each environment transitions into the next by falling apart. For instance, in an ice level, the ice will crack and reveal the environment below, which forces players to jump down. Furthermore, the environment is dynamic. For instance in one environment, there is a crazy unicorn running around zapping players with its rainbow tail, and suddenly it creates a giant vortex that pulls the players into a new environment.



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