An energetic and hardworking programmer with over 10 years of experience in C# and Unity. I’m experienced in rapid prototyping as well as taking software from prototype stage to commercial release. I’m also experienced in jumping into large commercial software projects with multiple years prior development. I thrive writing robust and maintainable software using SOLID in an agile environment. My biggest strength is my ability to adapt and learn new skills. On Lightmatter, I learned graphics programming with little prior knowledge and ended up writing the shaders for the game.

Work experience

2022/1 (current): Senior Architect at Netcompany
Full stack development with responsibility of the architecture and communicating it to the team.

2020/9: IT Consultant at Netcompany
Full stack development and working on the design with the customers.

2016/8 – 2020/3: Lead Programmer, Narrative Designer & Co-Founder at Tunnel Vision Games
Along with 4 fellow students, I founded the game studio Tunnel Vision Games to further develop an award-winning game we had developed as a University project. After 3.5 years of development, we released Lightmatter on Steam. I was responsible for some game and system programming, but primarily graphics programming. As lead, I managed sprints, burndown charts and encouraged use of good coding practices. Secondarily, I designed the game’s narrative, plot, characters, and universe.  The game received 90% positive reviews on Steam out of over 570 reviews (February, 2020). The graphical side as well as story are frequently highlighted in the reviews. 

2017/11 – 2018/3: Programming consultant for TUR Forlag
TUR Forlag is a client that I did consultant work for during my internship at Unity Studios. As a side job, I ported Cargo Dynasty to iOS11 and worked on improvements.

2015/9 – 2015/12: Intern Programmer at Unity Studios
On the 9th semester of Medialogy, I was a programming intern at Unity Studios. I released updates for projects with several years of prior development. I worked on an update for Mobi Globe and was responsible for porting Cargo Dynasty to WebGL.

2011/4 – 2012/8: Programmer at Based on Experience
Developed the game Gadevalgkampen for the Danish political party Venstre during the Danish elections of Fall 2011. I also worked on the game Me Ning of Greed.


2014 – 2016: MSc. in Medialogy with specialization in Interaction at Aalborg University
“The Master education of Medialogy builds upon the knowledge gained from the Bachelor.”

2011 – 2014: BSc. in Medialogy at Aalborg University
“Medialogy combines technology and scientific experiments with focus on both hardware and software in designing new products and tools for use within media technology. The purpose of the programme is to educate students in technology and software development in the modern media and experience industry.”
Through countless projects as a part of the education, I developed my programming as well as teamworking skills.

2007 – 2010: IT and Marketing Student at EUC Nordvest (HHX)
Three year education similar to high school. I chose a direction that emphasized IT related subjects such as databases, multimedia, and orgizational IT.

Volunteer work

2011/4 – 2011/9: Writer for Unge Spiludviklere
Website with articles about game development, targeted at young beginner game developers in Denmark.