Cargo Dynasty


Cargo Dynasty is an educational game developed for 8th – 10th grade school children about managing a freight company. The game was developed in Unity and released for browsers (Unity Web Player), Android and iOS in 2013. At the time, it was Denmark’s highest budget educational game in 2013.

The game was spearheaded by The Transport Training Board of Denmark and Serious Games were hired to develop it. A couple of years after release, Google Chrome stopped supporting NPAPI plugins, which made the Unity Web Player build unplayable. So, they hired Unity Studios to make a WebGL port, which I was responsible for as a part of my internship. A few years after my internship, The Transport Training Board of Denmark hired me to port the game to iOS11.

Context: Internship at Unity Studios – 9th semester Media Technology (Medialogy) + work for hire
Finished: December, 2015 (WebGL) + February, 2018 (iOS11)
Time spent: 2 months (WebGL) + 1 month part-time (iOS11)
Total amount of programmers:  1 (I worked alone on both the WebGL and iOS11 tasks)
Software I used: Unity (C#), Xcode

My areas:
  • Porting – Both the WebGL and iOS11 tasks required updating Unity versions with several years between them, which also meant making a lot of changes to the code. Since I wasn’t in contact with any of the original developers, this was a challenging task.
  • Web Programming – The game heavily relies on its REST service and the framework they originally used for this, is not supported in WebGL. So, I had to completely rewrite this part of the code.