Swing Pong



Pong for Android with a twist! Like the classic game, you control one side of the screen and your goal is simply to push the ball into your opponent’s goal – his edge of the screen. The twist in Swing Pong is that you feel more like Tarzan.

You control either the little blue or red ball flying around, and by touching any part of your side of the screen, your ball will start swinging around the node that is closest to you. As you let go of the node, your ball will go flying and draw a trail that can push the big ball into the opponent’s goal. Make sure to hit the ball once in a while, or else your opponent’s side will take up the entire screen!

Context: Tunnel Vision Games, summer jam
Finished: August, 2015
Time spent: 1 week
Total amount of programmers:  1 – I was the only programmer working on the game.
Software I used: Unity (C#)

My areas:
  • Gameplay programming:
    • Touch controls
    • Swinging + trail system
    • Ball physics
    • Camera control
    • Win/lose conditions
  • GUI programming:
    • Menus
    • Score

Philip Hundevad Nymann
Benjamin Nicholas Overgaard