Flow Hunters


Fast-paced 4-player couch game with platform shooter elements. Players shoot  laserdiscs at each other and follow secret missions that are given to them through controller vibrations. Flow Hunters mixes hectic combat from games like Towerfall  with hidden asymmetric information from games like Werewolf or Hidden In Plain Sight. We were so completeley in love with these games and couch games in general that we couldn’t stop ourselves from making one ourselves (when we managed to take a break from playing them!).


It’s a Free-For-All game and it’s about getting the most points before the time runs out. Points are gained by completing secret missions. As the game starts, players will be told through vibrations in their controller, what their current mission is, and what/who their target is. Their mission can for instance be “Kill Player”, and their target can be “Blue”. As a player completes his mission, he gains points, and a new mission wil be given to him, which for instance could be “Get the red intel”.

These dynamic missions typically result in fun situations where e.g. the blue player could be told to defend red player, while red player could be told to defend blue player. The missions encourage players to decode each other’s behaviors.

Context: 6th semester Media Technology (Medialogy) project
Finished: May, 2014
Time spent: 3 months, including research and report writing.
Total amount of programmers:  2
Software I used: Unity (C#)
My areas:
  • Gameplay programming:
    • Controls: Movement and shooting mechanic.
    • Animation system
    • Player spawn system
  • Mission trigger system
  • General polish
  • Report writing

Benjamin Nicholas Overgaard
Gustav Dahl
Lasse Von Fintel Sostack
Philip Hundevad Nymann