See You On The Other Side


First-person puzzle game where you can go through surfaces that are in shadow. This means that he can e.g. enter rooms that otherwise would be unaccessible, but it also means that he can fall through the ground and die. The goal is to escape a gloomy asylum/prison, to get to “the other side”, by solving puzzles that utilize lights and shadows in various ways.


The game utilizes lights and shadows as a mechanic, while it usually is just used as an aesthetic element in many games. The goal is to make players think in a new way; that they change their mental models regarding lights and shadows in videogames. Our own goal when developing the game was to learn about shaders, which is why we put extra effort into the art style. We chose the hatching (hand drawn) art style because it fits well with our game mechanic, since its so based on light.

After the game got a lot of attention on the internet as well winning a prize and being nominated for a handful of prizes, we decided to start a game company together called Tunnel Vision Games. We are currently turning See You On The Other Side into a full game.


Context: 5th semester Media Technology (Medialogy) project
Finished: December, 2013
Time spent: 3 months, including research and report writing.
Total amount of programmers:  3
Software I used: Unity (C#), Maya
My areas:
– Hatching shader code
– Shadow mechanic code
– Sewers 3D models and level design
– Prison level design
– Puzzle design
– Video editing
– Report writing
– Constructing and facilitating playtests


Benjamin Nicholas Overgaard
Gustav Dahl
Lasse Von Fintel Sostack
Mathias Klitgaard Berthelsen
Philip Hundevad Nymann