Fat Lame Animals



You play as a farmer who has to defend his animals from the horrifying animal-eating robots. You have the ability to kick them away or shoot them to bits with a pistol, shotgun, machinegun, flamethrower, or a huge rail gun. But you also have to make sure that your animals don’t run too far away. That’s why you can kick them around to keep them safe.


In between each round of 30 seconds, you’ll get the possibility to spend the money you’ve earned by keeping your animals alive on new weapons or more animals. When you lose all you’re animals, it’s game over and your highscore is saved. You can’t win in this game. More and more robots spawn after each round, and the game doesn’t stop getting harder, so you will lose at some point.

Context: 1st semester Media Technology (Medialogy) intro project
Awards: “Best visuals”, “Best gameplay”, and “Best game” out of the 15 other games that semester.
Finished: September 30th, 2011
Time spent: One month, including report writing
Total amount of programmers: 6
Software I used: GameMaker

My areas:
– Enemy behavior
– Animal behavior
– Graphics positioning
– Report writing

Roman Arberg
Peter Skov
Johannes Møjen
Philip Hundevad Nymann
Michelle Kielsgaard Engelsbæk
Mathias Klitgaard Berthelsen
Benjamin N. Overgaard