Gadevalgkampen (English: The Election Campaign) is a browser-based tower defense game, which was used as promotion by the Danish political party Venstre during the Danish elections of Fall 2011. This is the first game by Based on Experience and the original idea was to communicate the party’s ideologies through satirical and exaggerated gameplay.

You control political party members who need to get voters to vote for Venstre by tactically placing the party members on the map to convert voters, while they walk through the city. You can then upgrade party members and make them either attract more voters or convert voters faster. You can also call the party leader to freeze all voters and thereby make it easier to convert them. Look out for opposing political leaders. Occasionally, they also walk the streets and convert all voters to their party. Gadevalgkampen is all about using your time and resources efficiently by placing and upgrading your party members tactically. You only have a limited amount of time for each of the three cities to get the right amount of voters you need to win the campaign.


Context: Based on Experience – a company I worked for before going to the University.
Finished: September, 2011
Time spent: 3 three months
Total amount of programmers: 3
Software I used: Unity (C#), Audacity

My areas:

  • Gameplay programming:
    • Buying party members and upgrades, and placing them on the map.
    • All Interaction between party members and voters including multipliers and bosses.
  • The overall structure in the game such as menus, levels, save games, currency, and high scores.
  • Sound:
    • All sound effects in the game. I found samples in sound libraries and edited them.
    • Adding all sounds to the game as well as triggering them through code.

This game was merely a way to promote the company and add a game to our catalogue. The political statements made in this game have nothing to do with neither mine nor Based on Experience’s political opinion.

Peter Andresen
Krisitan Hedeholm
Sabrina Juul Børgesen
Teresa Breinholdt Alvarez
Brian M. Nielsen
Benjamin Nicholas Overgaard